Friday, June 24, 2016

1944 Boston Yanks

Team photo shows 1944 green jerseys are lighter green than socks.
Socks' green and yellow are left the same as 1945.
Green of both jersey is lightened a bit compared to 1945-48.
Yellow of jersey stripes matches yellow of socks and is the same white jersey as 1945.
1s are curve-tops per team photo.
Pants match 'metallic' gold of helmet in 11/5/44 NYG photo.
Buttstripes in same photo are lighter than green socks so the same lighter green from the green jersey is used for the buttstripes.
Belts in team photos appear to match green jersey.
Same pants/buttstripes/belt combination is used for both 1944-45.

1944 Boston Yanks

11/5/44 - BOS @ NYG



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