Friday, June 24, 2016

1946 Boston Yanks

Helmet - matches orange/yellow in the color photo
2 jerseys - match the yellow and green of the color photo
pants - match color photo
belt - no evidence that it contrasts pants
2 pairs socks - match yellow & green in color photo.
Yellow socks were not NW stripes, but of the 2-green-stripe variety.
1s are curve-tops as in 1944-45 (11/24/46 vs LA)

Of most importance are the photos vs PHIL and vs PITT for any years to be able to compare vs known colors. In 12/8/46 game vs PHIL, BOS's green appears darker than PHIL's green throughout the photo - especially on the right side.

1946 Paul Governali, Boston Yanks

11/24/46 - LA @ BOS

12/8/46 - PHIL @ BOS



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