Friday, September 16, 2016

1940-42 Pittsburgh Steelers

Block numbers sized/positioned the same as 1939 numbers.
Added yellow-topped sannies.

Made yellow jersey's numbers same as 1940.
Increased the sized of front back numbers to match what I saw in 1940 Eagles photos (green jerseys).
Green jersey numbers are pro-block but font is slightly bolder.

Front/back numbers on yellow jerseys made identical size/position to 1941 yellow jerseys.
Front/back numbers on black jerseys almost identical in size. 
Back numbers higher on back than normal on black jerseys.

11/3/40 - PITT @ WASH

9/21/41 - PHIL @ PITT

11/8/42 - PITT @ DET

12/6/42 - PITT@ GB



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