Friday, September 16, 2016

1953 Baltimore Colts

White and blue striped jerseys have chisel-top 1s with no lower serifs.
Red unstriped jerseys have 'pro block' 1s.
Blue unstriped jerseys have chisel-top 1s AND lower serifs.
Blue striped jerseys are not navy. They are pale blue.
Blue helmets are not navy. they are lighter than dark blue unstriped jerseys but slightly darker than light blue jerseys.
Improved size/position of front/back numbers.

1953 Colts team photo

11/7/53 - BALT @ DET
Pro-block 1s on red jerseys
1953-54 blue jerseys w/ NW stripes on sleeves
9/7/53 - BALT v CLE @ Akron, OH
(Helmet much lighter than jerseys)
Helmets lighter than jerseys



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