Friday, September 16, 2016

1953-55 Detroit Lions

While researching the early Colts photos, we came across these photos of the 1953-55 games between the Lions and Colts in Baltimore. Surprisingly, the Colts did not yield to the Lions and wear their red stripeless jerseys for any of these three games.

Instead, they wore there light blue jerseys with NW stripes in 1953. When paired against Detroit's blue jerseys, it is clear that Detroit was forced to don their old red jerseys from 1948 and 1950. Also note that the Lions are also wearing their gold helmets to not be identical to the Colts' blue helmets, as well. We have placed what the blue vs. blue matchup would have looked like next to the photo.

10/3/53 - DET @ BALT

When Baltimore darkened their blue jerseys in 1954, now with 3 equal-sized sleeve stripes for 1954 (and 1955), it is even more clear that both teams could not wear blue for a night game thus requiring Detroit twice more to wear their red jerseys in consecutive seasons.

11/6/54 - DET @ BALT

10/1/55 - DET @ BALT

It has been suggested that perhaps the Colts were wearing red jerseys with three stripes, however, that theory doesn't hold water. Photos from these seasons show that Baltimore wore stripeless red jerseys while playing night games in Green Bay in 1955 and their red jerseys still had no stripes. It wouldn't be reasonable for the Colts to have two different sets of red jerseys.



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