Saturday, April 21, 2012

1974 Dallas Cowboys

Updated socks per email from Jimmy Corcoran:

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Hi Tim,  My father "King Corcoran" played in the AFL, CFL and WFL, I used to work in the equipment room as a kid and fold the jerseys I kind of became an expert on WFL uniforms just by seeing all the teams play in person. The Bell wore sand knit in 74 and Spanjan in 75. What was funny is if you asked my father who made his jersey he would not be able to tell you and he also had no idea he wore a TK riddell helmet, alot of the players were like that. 
Here is a picture from 1974 of Calvin Hill handing off to Drew Pearson, you can see the two blue stripes are on the white tube socks, they may not have worn them the entire season. They went back to an all white tube sock in 75.



November 10, 1974: San Francisco at Dallas

November 17, 1974: Dallas at Washington

November 24, 1974: Dallas at Houston

November 28, 1974: Washington at Dallas

Friday, April 20, 2012

1963 Oakland Raiders

Mako found that the Raiders wore their '62 togs in a preseason game. Oakland Times revealed that they wore them ALL preseason. Added them as "Preseason only."



Looks as though the Raiders wore 1962 unis for the ENTIRE Preseason.

8-17-63 vs KC (@ Seattle) - white '62 unis:

 8-31-63 @ SD - black '62 unis (this was the last preseason game):

I remember seeing a photo of Al Davis standing between 2 Raiders at a practice with one in the old helmet and the other in the new silver and black one. Oh, here it is...


Thursday, April 19, 2012

1933 New York Giants

Changed jersey based on info as written in blog here.