Friday, January 22, 2016

1988 San Francisco 49ers

Altered disclaimer on yearly image. It was originally thought that only Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, and Riki Ellison wore their jerseys from 1987 in Super Bowl XXIII against Cincinnati. It turns out that K Michael Cofer and CB Darryl Pollard also wore their old jerseys, as well.

Super Bowl XXIII
Michael Cofer and Darryl Pollard also wearing
1987 style jerseys with wide stripes



1933 Chicago Bears

Bears wore a fifth combo for the NFL CG in 1933 wearing white-over-khaki with navy socks and the navy helmet bearing the orange wing and three stripes worn earlier in the season.

12/17/33 - NYG @ CHB
1st NFL Championship Game



Monday, January 18, 2016

1932-35 Boston Braves/Redskins

1932 - Darkened primary jersey; removed sleeve stripes; added gold stripes to collars and cuffs; added gold numbers on front of jersey; added second combo with plain blue jersey and gold numbers for game vs Green Bay; added black 'butt-stripes' to pants

1932 Boston Braves

10/3/32 - BRK @ BOS

1933-35 - Altered shade of red to show appropriate contrast with Giants' deeper-red jerseys; altered shade of gold for pants; altered sleeve stripe and cuff stripe patterns to match close-up photos; removed 1933 combo with numbers on chest (this was a mis-identified 'Indianhead' logo with a black outline rather than white; entirely different jersey); added 1932 'dark-blue' jersey combo with white numbers for game @ CHC in 1933

12/3/33 - BOS @ CHC

1933 Black outlined logo jersey
11/12/33 - BOS @ NYG
Black-outlined logo jersey worn in middle of photo
(not previously displayed version w/ numbers on chest)

1933-35 White-outlined logo jersey



1932 Chicago Cardinals

Cardinals wore their 1931 uniforms for their Week 1 game of 1932 in Green Bay.

9/18/32 - CHC @ GB