Friday, August 24, 2012

2012 Philadelphia Eagles

Added black jersey to possible combinations for the Eagles upon learning that they plan on wearing the black alternates Week 8 against the Falcons.  No word on whether they will wear it with white or green pants.

Source: (Via Uni Watch Ticker)

They last wore black uniforms with green pants was on January 2, 2005 against Cincinnati.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

1969, 72-78 Washington Redskins

Following up on the last update, Larry Schmitt emailed us again:

"...One thing about the '69 - '78 Redskins though...the sleeve stripes on the burgundy jerseys should have the wider yellow stripes as you have on the '70 - '71 images. The '69 and '73 - '78 all have equal width stripes. "

"... I haven't noticed any evidence of two styles of striping like they had on the white jerseys from '74 - '78."

 Changes made:

NEW 1969; all new singles; sock pattern to match 70-71. Burgundy jersey sleeve stripes changed to match 70-71.
1970-71 socks as is - no change. Sleeves as is - no change.
NEW 1972; all new singles - all socks to match 70-71. Changed sleeves on burgundy jersey to match 70-71.
NEW 1973-74; Burgundy jersey single new only socks have wide pattern as they were before. Changed burgundy jersey sleeve stripes to match 70-71.
NEW 1975-77; all new singles all socks to match 70-71 and burgundy jersey sleeve stripes matches 70-71.
NEW 1978; new burgundy jersey single only sock pattern still even stripe pattern.



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1929 Orange Tornadoes

After additional research, updated the existing graphic to show that the Tornadoes wore letters instead of numbers to identify players, and the "O" on the one player pictured was the letter "O" as in his jersey letter, and not "O" for "Orange"

From New York Times, November 11, 1929: