Saturday, August 25, 2018

1924 Dayton Triangles

Added a pale blue, isosceles triangle to jerseys, limited 6 white sock stripes above the ankles, and added a bottom to the blue torso band.

10/5/24 Dayton Daily News



Friday, August 24, 2018

1920 Cleveland Tigers

Another find from Alex T. This time a first look at the Cleveland Tigers shown in the Dayton Daily News.

10/10/20 - Dayton Daily News


1924 Kansas City Blues

Another gem from the keyboard of Alex Todoroff. This time an understated first look at the Kansas City Blues. We are taking some liberty here as the article doesn't specifically mention blue pants but given that the jerseys and socks are white, the group-think leans in this direction.

11/15/24 - Davenport, Iowa's Daily Times


1922 Evansville Crimson Giants

Alex Todoroff was able to uncover two photos that shows the Crimson Giants in the same uniforms for 1922 as in the previous year, 1921.

10/13/22 - Moline Daily Dispatch

10/14/22 - Rock Island Argus


Thursday, August 23, 2018

1923 Milwaukee Badgers

Newspaper photo found by Alex Todoroff gives us the first look at the 1923 Badgers raglan jerseys with orange sleeves and black torso.

10/19/23 Green Bay Gazette


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

1924 Minneapolis Marines

Newly discovered photo of the 1924 Marines by Alex Todoroff.


1921 Evansville Crimson Giants

A great find by viewer Alex Todoroff.
Menz Lindsey played 1 year in the NFL for the Crimson Giants.

Menz Lindsey - 1921