Monday, January 18, 2016

1932-35 Boston Braves/Redskins

1932 - Darkened primary jersey; removed sleeve stripes; added gold stripes to collars and cuffs; added gold numbers on front of jersey; added second combo with plain blue jersey and gold numbers for game vs Green Bay; added black 'butt-stripes' to pants

1932 Boston Braves

10/3/32 - BRK @ BOS

1933-35 - Altered shade of red to show appropriate contrast with Giants' deeper-red jerseys; altered shade of gold for pants; altered sleeve stripe and cuff stripe patterns to match close-up photos; removed 1933 combo with numbers on chest (this was a mis-identified 'Indianhead' logo with a black outline rather than white; entirely different jersey); added 1932 'dark-blue' jersey combo with white numbers for game @ CHC in 1933

12/3/33 - BOS @ CHC

1933 Black outlined logo jersey
11/12/33 - BOS @ NYG
Black-outlined logo jersey worn in middle of photo
(not previously displayed version w/ numbers on chest)

1933-35 White-outlined logo jersey




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