Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1976-2001 Seattle Seahawks

After investigation that began with blog article, "Seahawks Sported Sans-Serifs, Silly" the following adjustments were made to Seattle uniforms of their first 26 seasons:

1976 - taller, slant-tops, serifs (also lowered helmets as they were ridiculously high!)

1977-78 - not as tall as '76, curve-top, serifs (lowered helmets)

1979 - box-tops, serifs, (lowered helmets)

1980-82 - already had as slant-tops, lowered helmets only

1983-93 - curve-tops, serifs (lowered helmets)

1994-2001 - slant-tops, sans serifs (helmets were already OK)



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