Monday, August 13, 2012

1940 Chicago Bears

Based on research by BD Sullivan, Bill Schaefer, Tim Brulia and others, it was determined that the majority of the Bears went sockless for most games, however, that in two games against the Cardinals, there were a couple of players wearing socks.  It is believed that Bears did not wear socks for the majority of the games, and that probably no players wore socks at all for the 73-0 NFL Championship game against the Redskins.  Therefore we have decided to go with both on the yearly graphic and a single graphic with the comment that "some players wore socks in some games" for all games.

from BD Sullivan:

9/25 @ Cardinals
The three Bears in the one photograph all have different looks(!): #24 Frank Bausch is wearing striped socks (DARK BLUE-orange-DARK BLUE-orange-DARK BLUE); #11 Joe Maniaci is wearing Dark Blue (?) socks; #71 (?) is wearing just white socks.
10/13 vs. Lions
 Bears' Ray Bray and Lee Artoe are both wearing white socks only
10/20 vs. Dodgers
All players in the photos are wearing white socks only
11/10 @ Lions
All players in the photo are wearing white socks only
11/17 @ Redskins
Bears' Bob Swisher is being thrown a pass and is wearing white socks only
11/24 vs. Rams
In an admittedly poor photo, #51 is wearing only white socks
12/1 vs. Cardinals
Bears' Mihal and Plasman are both wearing striped sock



September 22, 1940 - Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers:

October 6, 1940 - Chicago Bears at Cleveland Rams:

 October 27, 1940 - Chicago Bears at New York Giants:

November 3, 1940 - Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears

NFL Championship
December 7, 1940 - Chicago Bears at Washington Redskins

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