Monday, December 10, 2012

1960-64 Denver Broncos

Based on a couple photographs we've come across a couple of new early Denver Broncos preseason combos.  The first one is possibly from an August 17, 1963 game against San Diego, however we haven't satisfactorily proven it is definitively from that game.  It was mentioned in the November 16 Uni Watch.  The second one, as mentioned in the Uni Watch ticker today, December 10, 2012, was submitted to UW by Tom Jacobsen and was from the 1975 book Barely Audible: A History of the Denver Broncos.  Without being absolutely positive which year they wore either of these two combos, we are temporarily adding them as an 'unknown' graphic to the bottom of the Denver Broncos' team page.


(Update: 1/15/2013 -- changed text from "1960-1964"
 to "1962-1964" based on comment from ChiTom)


  1. The designation could be updated to 1962-1964 era rather than 1960-1964 as orange helmets came in only with new ownership in 1962. Seems most likely (but no proof) that the orange helmets with Copper Bowl pants would have been used in the 62 preseason as this financially strapped early AFL team made a transition away from the old unis.

  2. That's true.. I suppose we were just being "general" and saying 1960, but yes I guess it could be narrowed down to say 1962-64 instead.