Thursday, June 27, 2013

1989 Atlanta Falcons

Added memorials to uniform for final five weeks of the season.  "73" was added to the red jersey for Week 12 and the white jersey for Weeks 13 and on after the death of OT Ralph Norwood on November 24, 1989.  "83" was added to the white jersey for Week 16 after the death of TE Brad Berkman on December 18, 1989.  This leads to three new jersey combos, a red jersey with a 73 for Week 12, a white jersey with a 73 for Weeks 13-15, and a white jersey with both 73 and 83 for Week 16.  These numbers were placed on the front of the jersey above the numbers.

November 26, 1989 - Atlanta at N.Y. Jets:

December 3, 1989 - San Francisco at Atlanta:

December 24, 1989 - Detroit at Atlanta:




  1. I am curious if I can get a message to a retired football player by the name of William LutherAndrews, #31,(retired jersey) He is the father of my oldest son. I just want to ask you to give him my email address. Very URGENT! Our son, Justin committed suicide and I will appreciate it if somehow, someway, against all odds PLEASE LET HIM KNOW THAT I DON'T WANT ANY PROBLEMS, OR ANYTHING ELSE. I'D JUST APPRECIATE IT IF YOU CAN GET THIS FORWARD TO HIM.

  2. Sorry, on my previous post, I didn't give my name.
    It is Tracy Roberts and my sons name is Justin. Also, Wiiam played for the Atlanta Falcons and I believe that he was drafted from Aubburn (I think) f from 1984-1990? . Approximately