Friday, September 16, 2016

1962-65 Pittsburgh Steelers

1962 'Preseason only' jerseys are same as 1960-61 jerseys.
White jerseys with 'pointy-top' 1s with lower serif and more visible yellow outline.
NW stripes on both jerseys have a wider middle stripe and the outer yellow and black stripes are both the same width.
Black jerseys have regular 'pro-block' numbers with normal spacing.
Adjusted size/placement of front/back numbers on 1963-64 'Preseason only' diamond-sleeve jerseys. Modified black border at the ends of the sleeves, also.
1964-66 white pants had wider middle yellow stripe.

12/15/63 - PITT @ NYG

12/15/63 - PITT @ NYG

12/6/64 - PITT @ WASH

8/29/64 - PITT v SF @ Omaha, NE



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