Sunday, March 22, 2020

1930 Portsmouth Spartans

Per Jeffrey Payne of the Vintage Football Community...

" (I) Was reading the book: "Home & Away: The Rise and Fall of Professional Football on the Banks of the Ohio" by Carl M. Becker and saw that he describes their uniforms in pretty good detail a few times. Thought I'd share it with you if any of this is new info.

P. 218 - This is in a chapter discussing the 1930 season, their first in the NFL

"The players that survived the cuts wore new uniforms. Abandoning the old blue and white colors, Spartan officials arrayed the team in all purple uniforms, with numerals on the backs of the jerseys and white wings on the forehead of the helmets."

P. 223 - Still discussing 1930 season

"Observers of the game thought that the uniforms, virtually all purple, needed more contrasting colors ... The Spartan management ordered new uniforms, purple jerseys with black stripes on the front and white numerals on the back, black pants made of an airplane cloth with a purple knit insert on the back. Socks and headgear would remain the same."

11/2/30 - PORT @ GB

Lightened the shade of purple to allow better contrast with black chest stripes shown on Spartan in the middle of the photo facing the camera. Also altered font of the '1' to match #21 at left.



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