Thursday, June 22, 2017

1990-99 Dallas Cowboys

Improved size/font/position of front/back/TV numbers.
Moved NOBs higher on back.
Shortened sleeves for 1990-91.
Stripes on navy socks for 1990-94 made wider and closer together.
Blue of regular white jersey combos made brighter royal.
Darkened blue on 1994 "60s" throwback.
Navy of 1990-95 navy jerseys made lighter.
1s on 1994-97 white jerseys are curve-topped.
1s on 1996-99 regular navy jerseys are curve-topped.
Corrected wordmark font for 1996-97 white jerseys and 1996-99 navy jerseys.
All silver pants lightened.

9/7/97 - DAL @ ARZ

9/13/98 - DAL @ DEN
9/19/94 - DET @ DAL



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