Monday, October 26, 2015

1960-65 San Diego Chargers

High white socks for 1960-65
Improved pants' lightning bolts as such...(research by Larry Schmitt)
             "- 1960: white pants, thin blue lightning bolts with yellow outline,
                 8 points on each side of the bolt, could be facing either direction
              -  1961-65: white pants, yellow lightning bolts with blue outline,
                 thicker bolt with less pronounced points than 1960, 8 points each 
                 side of bolt, the orientation changes over time - most instances
                 from 1961-63 have top point forward and bottom point rear
              - 1964-65 are reversed with the top point rear and bottom point 
                 forward (though there are occasional exceptions). They do not
                 seem to mirror one another left and right."

10/8/60 - BOS @ LAC



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