Wednesday, October 28, 2015

1990-92, 1994, 1997-99 Houston Oilers/Tennessee Oilers/Tennessee Titans

Reworded 'Wild card' for 1990,1991,1992,1999

Improved 1999 collar and pants NFL Shields

Discovered that the Titans' T/dagger in helmet logo ALWAYS has the left side beveled in grey and the right side is ALWAYS white. We currently show mirror images for the 2 sides. Corrected for 1999. (see below)

Adjusted all 1999 Titans images so that shoulder yoke shows through neck hole on front view of the jerseys

Added authentic patches for 1994,1997,1998,1999

Added 1998 preseason only combo with striped socks per Larry in the Forum (no new single needed)

Titans' left side helmet logo
Titans' right side helmet logo
8/7/98 - TENN @ ATL



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