Monday, October 26, 2015

1977-87 San Diego Chargers

High white socks for 1977-87
Added authentic patch for 1984
Pants' lightning bolts improved as such...(research by Larry Schmitt)
                "- 1977-78: improved high whites only
                 - 1979-83: faded yellow pants, white lightning bolt with
                   blue outline, the stripe the bolt is on is brighter yellow 
                   than the pants, 7 points on each side of the bolt, similar 
                   design as the 67-71 version. 79-80 orientation is has bolts 
                   pointing down facing the front while '81-83 has the bolts 
                   pointing up facing forward (though exceptions do exist)
                 - 1984: yellow pants with white lightning bolt on solid blue 
                   - new bolt with elongated top and bottom points, 7 points
                     each side of bolt. Orientation finally uniform, top of bolt
                     points rearward, mirrored left and right.
                 - 1985-87: white pants with yellow lightning bolt and white
                   piping on solid dark blue stripe. new bolt, more compact
                   top-to-bottom, points on sides more jagged, 7 points each
                   side of bolt. This is hard to believe, but one year after they 
                   finally fixed the orientation, it is random again! Top bolt is
                   sometimes forward, sometimes back!"

1/10/82 - SD @ CIN

10/21/84 - Raiders @ SD

11/16/86 - DAL @ SD



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