Monday, January 1, 2018

1948 Week 4 - Boston Yanks at Detroit Lions

Discovered game photo of previously unknown matchup...
There were only 3 teams that wore white jerseys in 1948. The Steelers only wore their's in the preseason and wore black for their game in Detroit.
The Eagles wore green jerseys for both their regular season and preseason games with Detroit.
The Yanks are the only other team with white jerseys.
We have photos of all 3 other Detroit 'night games' and all three featured the Lions playing teams in colored jerseys.
This photo does not.
And since the Lions only wore these red/white/black combinations in 1948, this photo must, therefore, be from the 10/9/48 game.

10/9/48 - BOS @ DET

We will therefore add Boston in white-over gold and Detroit in red helmets, red jerseys, black pants, and red socks for this match-up.

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